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  •  R. Johns
    I highly recommend Rosella Mamone AFP®ADFS from Financial Services for Life. I am a Self Employed tradesman; before I met Rosella I didn’t know much about Super. I had a few lost super funds which Rosella helped me find, Rosella was able to find and roll these funds over into one fund which was appropriate to my Risk Profile, I now Know what an Investor Risk Profile is! It has now been one year since Rosella opened my Super fund thanks to Rosella I now know more about Super and the benefits of contributing to my fund and how it is beneficial as I am self employed and I am happy to say I now have one fund, fewer fees and my super has already grown considerably.
    R. Johns
  • D. Mamone
    I am a Painter Decorator about to retire from the workforce, I never really understood how Super works, I had several bank, and super accounts and wasn’t maximising my returns potential; Rosella was able to explain to me what I was doing by leaving my money in an ordinary bank account and how that compared to super and the difference it makes to my retirement! Rosella has restructured my finances and I am now on my way to building a healthier retirement for myself.
    D. Mamone
  • S. Paolini
    I am a career woman, I have worked hard for many years without much to show for it. Two years ago I asked Rosella for advice and she reviewed my financial situation. I am now budgeting much better and able to save. I am now working towards achieving my goal to purchase my first home.
    S. Paolini
  • F. Varasso
    I highly recommend Rosella. I am a mother of two recently divorced. My husband was the sole breadwinner for over a decade while i was a stay at home mum. He was in charge of our family’s finances. As if divorce in itself wasn’t emotionally devastating enough; when he left my children and i were left in a very vulnerable financial position. I was left to cope with 2 financial dependents, 2 loans outstanding and making ends meet on a 15hour part time job! Since working with Rosella and reviewing my financial situation; I now have my finances sorted! And I have peace of mind that if something was to happen to me all my debts my medical and lifestyle expenses will be taken care of, we are no longer exposed, we have provisions in place our health, lifestyle and and my 2 son’s education and future is no longer at stake.
    F. Varasso
  • M. Biviano
    I highly recommend Rosella Mamone AFP®ADFS from Financial Services for Life. I am a part time Administration Officer and mother of 2, before Rosella reviewed my Super I had multiple funds, I was paying multiple management fees and premium fees. Rosella showed me how I was squandering my retirement savings away! Rosella was able to roll these funds over into one fund for me and invest it according to my adversity towards risk. My super is now performing much better, is not being eroded by inflation and fees and my Life insurance is also reviewed and updated.
    M. Biviano

Our Services

Financial Planning

Our office provides a full range of Financial Planning services. We believe that the financial planning process should be 'goals based', and therefore it is vital that we clearly identify your financial goals and objectives moving forward. Some clients require very specific information, or advice concerning only a part of their financial position, and we are happy to also provide limited advice in these circumstances.

Naturally, and in line with legislation we monitor and review any recommendations we make to ensure that they continue to deliver the outcomes for which they were designed.

Investment Planning

If you are wanting to save up for a particular goal such as children’s education, home loan deposit or a long deserved holiday – we are assist you in discovering what type of investor you are and which investment fund best suits your needs, we also come up with an effective strategy which meets your financial goals as well as your budget, within a designated time!

Limited Estate Planning

We provide limited Estate Planning Advice and put you on the right track to make adequate provisions for your Estate. A referral to your /one of our recommended Referral Partner Solicitor is made to implement new recommendations or update your existing Estate Planning arrangements.

Superannuation and Retirement Planning

Superannuation is a complex and confusing area. We are experts in this field and can offer advice on full and partial rollovers, saving for retirement, contribution levels, which investment fund best meets your needs, tax planning, transition to retirement, retirement income streams and account based pensions.

Your Personal Insurance Needs

The foundation of any comprehensive financial plan is the protective mechanisms built into it. For anyone who is financially unable to retire (or who does not have the financial resources to provide for themselves without employment), this generally indicates the need for a personal insurance review.

We specialise in assessing your, and your dependents, needs to identify any shortfall in your existing Cover. We then make recommendations that will provide the protection you require.

Your Business Insurance Needs

The foundation of any comprehensive financial business plan too is the protective mechanisms built into it. For anyone who is financially unable to retire, (or who does not have the financial resources to provide for themselves without employment), has substantial business expenses and / or debt (or who does not have the financial resources to provide for themselves in unforseen circumstances), this generally indicates the need for a business insurance review.

We specialise in assessing your business risk, and needs to identify any shortfall in your existing cover. We then make recommendations that will provide the type of business protection you require.

Referral Partners Services

We offer services in other areas of Financial concerns such as Estate Planning, Accounting, Mortgage Lending and Investments.

More on Financial Planning Process

Phase 1: Discovery meeting

Our Initial consultation of 1 hour is complimentary. At the appointment we will take a 'thumbnail sketch' of your financial position, and help you articulate your short, medium and long term financial goals you would like to achieve.

Phase 2: Initial or subsequent meeting

We then go through a data collection process where a “Fact Find” document is filled.

Phase 3: Research and strategy preparation

Having completed the data collection process, we will then do any research required as well as building strategies and recommendations for the advice. We will identify the most appropriate strategies and perform any calculations, research and projections required for your financial plan, to help you achieve your goals.

Once we have all the information required, fees are discussed and an agreement is signed. Paraplanning fees are applicable at this stage.

A follow up meeting at this time is scheduled to discuss findings in more detail.

In 1-2 weeks up to one month as the documents is prepared and vetted and ready for presentation to the client.

Phase 4: SOA Presentation

At times some of these concepts in the SOA can be quite complex and the meeting may take 60 to 90 minutes to present. We make sure you fully understand our proposal and allow time to ask questions. We will provide an invoice for the completion of the work including implementation of strategies and products recommended.

Phase 5: Strategy and Product Implementation

Once the SOA is presented, necessary documents such as (Account opening forms, rollover forms, authorities, change of Adviser forms, as well as any ongoing reviews, follow-up annual reviews are mandatory, this is a check on how you are going with your financial situation.

Additional time is spent liaising with Fund Managers & Product providers on your behalf when putting plans in motion to achieve your goals. We will lodge any required documents, open trading accounts and begin the process of implementing the strategies. Sometimes this is quite quick, and may be complete in a matter of days. In other circumstances this can take a little longer - depending on the strategies to be commenced. We will follow up to ensure that actions are complete and you will then receive confirmation from the provider that your policy is in-force.

Phase 6: Ongoing Reviews

Subsequent to current mandatory legislation we will be in contact with you annually to see how things are going. We may at times meet with you to discuss any financial and or life changes that may impact on your finances.

All advice including investment, allocated pensions and superannuation and risk is reviewed - one to four annual reviews are available to clients who opt to have an ‘Ongoing Adviser Service package’ for their investments and Financial Plans.

Having an ‘Ongoing Adviser Service package’ secures regular monitoring of fund’s performance which safe- guards your portfolio from experiencing loss- essential in today’s volatile economic and financial market climate. Clients who have an Ongoing Service package have ‘unlimited Financial Planning access’ available to them - to discuss any other issues that arise from time to time.

One off -Ad-hoc access is also available.

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